Saturday, October 27, 2007

Day 5-7 – The Fluctuative Flow

Day 7:

Payback time. Although I spent my day mostly on the road, I fully realized I had to get my work done. Although struggling, but I managed to accomplish my daily target.

Day 6:

Word? What word?
Enjoying my short vacation. Went to a spa, had a blissful massage.
Time seemed to fly faster than usual, and I needed to reset my priority, at least for today. Gotta be honest, hari ini ada yang lebih menarik daripada menulis. Ada yang lebih penting dari kata-kata. So… word? What word?

Day 5:

Word fiesta. From morning till afternoon, at the airport, at the lounge, on the plane, in the car… writing, writing, and writing.
It was only 1.30 PM, and I’ve already done one chapter. No, not 4 pages, but 4 and a HALF pages. Bahagia… melayang di awan… hore… tidur tenang… makan enak… target beres… BEBAS EUY!


  1. 4,5 halaman....not bad.

  2. So you've beat the time and done the chapter promptly! Congrats then:)

    P.S. I hope this happens to me, hehe.
    P.P.S. Kabar-kabari ye, kalau nanti ada launching 'Perahu Kertas'

  3. Selamat berjuang, Mbak :)
    Target novel saya, November selesai. Tapi kayaknya bakal diperpanjang sampai awal tahun depan karena makin dikejar2, saya jadi stress sendiri, hehehe... Akhirnya untuk ngelemesin otak, saya nulis cerita yang jauh lebih ringan :-D

  4. Yes, Intan. Definitely. If possible, I would looove to re-live day 6 :) Yummy.