Friday, October 12, 2007

When Will The Timer Start?

Oh, boy. Do I want to start now! I am so ready to defeat that malicious blank page!

Reality check. Lebaran is coming less than 24 hours. No maids available. My son, Keenan, just recovered from gastro-enthritis he’d suffered for the last 4 days. My driver won’t be back working until Oct 18, which means I have to drive alone. Have I told you I hate driving? Took away so many precious ngelamun time.

I also need some basic stuffs for my new ‘office’. Let’s see: bed sheets, rugs, broom, trash bins, tissue rolls. I’d probably need some working chair. A proper one. What about stereo? You know, that micro mini hi-fi set. Every story needs a soundtrack, right? (heheh, mulai lebih nih)

So, the most realistic time to start is after Lebaran, or a day after that.
For the time being, I’ll just shop for my office needs. We’ll see if I end up with a new stereo and a sophisticated, ergonomic, working chair.

Anyhow, saya mengucapken Selamat Hari Raya Iedul Fitri. Minal Aidin Wal Faidzin. Selamat makan enak. Selamat cuci piring sendiri. Selamat bertemu lagi dalam beberapa hari!

Love, peace, respect, and gaul.


  1. gosh.. does it mean journalnya juga libur until abis lebaran?? how can??

  2. Hehe, kecuali kalo Mama Farah nggak keberatan dengan content journal yang nggak ada hubungannya dengan the writing of the novel, alias diarreaish abis, alias nggak penting. Dua-tiga hari pakanci nggak pa-pa, ya, Bu? But if something interesting and relevant comes up within these two or three days, I will surely report it here!

  3. Until then, aku baca FilKop aja deh..