Saturday, November 10, 2007

Day 20 - Quick Stop At The Oasis

This is supposed to be my resting day before I immerse myself completely in Rectoverso project. So I did what necessary to soothe and pamper myself. I went to L'Ayurveda, a holistic one stop center where you can have therapy, massage, etc, etc. I had 60 minutes massage and 45 minutes Ayurvedic Shirodara where they pour warm oil on your third eye and everything. Nice.

Keenan is in town, too. So I had one day playing and pampering. What an oasis.

Tell you the truth, not so in the mood of writing today. But I know I gotta make some progress, even a little. So I finished my chapter 19. Last word count: 32,100 words. Beluuum... belum setengahnya! Heheh. Almost.

Menjawab pertanyaan dari posting sebelumnya: kapan ketemu Keenan? This weekend! :)

Well, kalau di Bandung sih ketemu terus. Tapi berhubung minggu ini memang dijadwalkan untuk produksi Rectoverso, terpaksa saya stay di Jakarta dulu sampai Jumat depan. Keenan (versi non-fiksi) diboyong ke Jakartanya hanya waktu weekend saja, karena dia juga sekolah di Bandung.

PS. I dunno how I juggle with these stuffs either. But here I am, still sane and sound (dunno for how long, heheh).

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