Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pausing The Timer (3)

Hari ini kembali lagi ke Colloseum, untuk take backing vocal. Mungkin hari ini akan menjadi hari terakhir rekaman di Jakarta. Jika ada penambahan lagi, dan kemungkinan hanya untuk backing vocal saja, kita ingin mencoba rekaman di Bandung.

The shift will start at 5 pm. Saya akan berangkat ke Jakarta after lunch, dan langsung pulang lagi nanti malam. Besok tour RSD sudah kembali menanti. Aktivitas super padat ini lama-lama rasanya seperti cosmic joke. It’s so tiring it becomes so funny. Hahaha!


  1. Dear Mbak Dee,

    Wah, I've been waiting to read ur next jump for this 'baby'. How many days are left? About twenty, aren't they?

    I just stop by to say "GANBATTE KUDASAI!!". So many people want to see you fall but there are many more to see you fly!

    So, do not quit. Keep running, jumping, and flying, yach!!

    -Vida Octrin-

  2. wah.. mbak dewi mana nih "behind the scene" tulisan proyek 55-days nya.. udah dapet berapa kata nih..?? well.. curious banget nungguin 'baby' baru nya.. he3..

    Oiya mbak.. (OOT) aku penasaran banget nih sama lyrics lagunya mbak dewi yang "simplify me".. pronounciation nya mbak bagus banget... jadi bingung artinya apa.. well.. mohon banget kasi tau lyricsnya ya mbak.. i'll be waitin... he3

  3. Hi Byuaholic,
    Berikut liriknya "Simply". Mudah2an bermanfaat! :)


    I stand here with a thousand words and tons of hopes
    But blankness is the place they ended up the most
    I’m lost in the frequency of the oddities
    It feels so hard to breathe
    I’m like a hapless piece of symphony that no one really cares to hear

    You simply inspire me
    Collide into me
    But no one’s there
    So why don’t you hold me
    Why don’t you move me
    So I know you care
    I wonder how far to go
    To simply have you and simply keep you

    And now, when everything has been said and done
    In silence I can only wish I am the one
    I’m floating like a bubble that will pop and be gone
    Just trying to make you see
    The simplicity of lock and key
    And how you’re never ever there to free me

    From all of the thousand thunders
    Why was it you who struck me?
    The sky is cracking and nothing can patch the leak
    Why was it me who dripped from the broken horizon,
    glided against the wall and never be rescued?
    From all of the thousand places
    Why was it me you chose to love,
    Why was it me?

  4. Is it possible to get this new born baby in printed material or it just exclusively readable for xl customer? I don't think I will have an enjoyable reading with small screen ;)