Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Day 54 – Home Sweet Home

Back to Bandung. I arrived at 6.30-ish. No more HQ. And not enough time, I know. But I still got to try.

Rencana langsung buyar begitu bertemu Keenan. I missed him so much I decided to just play with him all night till he fell asleep. Dan baru setelah dia tidur, saya berkesempatan menulis. Itu pun tidak banyak, coz I’m just too tired. Chapter 39, one and a half page only. Leaving me an enormous amount of work tomorrow.


  1. come on Dee..u can do it..
    God Knows how much i miss ur writings..
    hmm..too bad i'm not ur kost-mate..
    if i am..i'll get a copy of perahu kertas, aight? hehehe..

  2. teh dewi,, saya menuntaskan kisah ngeberojolin perahu kertas dari day 1 sampe 55, absorbed,,stoned and inspired. terutama the idea of killing the old ourselves,,,,ga sabar pengen baca, mudah2an pas pulang ke indonesia dah diterbitin.,,