Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Day 59 – A Surprising ‘Ending’

As usual, I set up my HQ. A cup of coffee, a cup of hot chocolate, snacks that I haven’t finished, and lotsa of water. The rather unusual part was, Keenan didn’t go to school today. He woke up late, so did I. And so, it was quite challenging to find the perfect timing to escape.

I started a bit late. Close to lunch time. And it wasn’t easy to start the engine after it was heated up to such degree and then it took a sudden pause for three days. I felt like crawling back from zero.

Pe-er buntutnya Bab 43 pun masih tersisa. Akhirnya saya menyelesaikan Bab 43, dan mulai memasuki Bab 44 waktu siang menjelang sore. It was a rainy afternoon. Total, saya nggak keluar rumah sama sekali. Bahkan nggak keluar ruang kerja saya selama berjam-jam kecuali ke kamar mandi. And here’s the sms I wrote to my producer at 4.16 PM:

Moving on to the fifth page of Chapter 44. Gawat, nih. Bisa2 baru selesai di 46 instead of 45 ;p

My brain is extra burning today. Felt a slight headache. I was told that I might be rehydrated for I’d burned a lot of creative fire. And so I gobbled up some more water, and wrote, and wrote, and wrote.

Yep. Confirmed. I’m on Chapter 45… and… it’s not yet finished, people! Perahu akan menepi pada Bab 46. For sure.

I am so tempted to check my word count, but even for that, I didn’t have time. At 10 PM, I stopped. Otak terlalu panas. Kangen Keenan. And I really wanna take a hot shower. Phew.


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